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The Best Mattress in a Box

A mattress in a box is a modern take on a traditional model, one that bypasses showrooms and salespeople altogether. Instead, these beds ship to your doorstep pre-compressed and vacuum-sealed into a box or bag that’s easily maneuverable through narrow hallways and cluttered stairwells. From there, they’re typically unboxed and inflated on the bed frame in your bedroom.

This bed-in-a-box process offers several benefits for shoppers best mattress in a box, including privacy and convenience. Without the need to navigate showrooms and a salesperson, you can browse your options in privacy and access extensive product information at any time of day. And, without the extra overhead expenses of showrooms and staffing, these beds often cost less than traditional models.

Bed-in-a-box mattresses also typically come with a generous sleep trial period that can last up to a year. This means you can test the mattress to make sure it meets your needs and preferences, with most brands offering free shipping and handling for returns within this window.

For buyers interested in memory foam, these models often include CertiPUR-US (r) certified foams, which are designed not to off-gas toxins. Additionally, these mattresses are competitively priced and offer a variety of firmness options to suit every preference.

Hybrids — which pair a layer of foam or latex with internal coils for added support — are also available from many bed-in-a-box companies. These mattresses are best for heavier individuals or couples who want to split the difference between firmness and comfort.

These best-in-class hybrid mattresses combine a layer of luxurious memory foam with a durable support core to create a bed that’s comfortable for all sleep positions. This luxury hybrid’s edge support is strong, so it’s a good fit for couples who share the mattress and enjoy sleeping near the edges of the bed. Its zoned support and superior pressure relief make it a top choice for back and stomach sleepers. It also scores well for motion isolation, meaning you won’t feel your partner move around at night.

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