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Health Plan of San Mateo Review

Health Plan of San Mateo is a local non-profit health care company that offers health coverage and a provider network to underserved residents in the county. It is headquartered in South San Francisco, California and has over 140,000 members across the state.

The Company is a Public Non-profit Healthcare Organization that provides health insurance to people who have low or no income and those who are uninsured or underinsured in the county. It also operates a provider network and a home-based services business that serves the residents of San Mateo County.

They offer a variety of products to help people get the care they need at the lowest cost possible. Their goal is to improve the lives of the people in their community by promoting health and wellness, helping them to access medical services and provide support when needed.

Their mission is to ensure that the underserved and vulnerable residents of their community are able to have access to quality health care and be empowered to make healthy choices.

They also strive to provide their members with access to the best care and services from a network of providers and other organizations that they trust.

How they Finance Their Operations

They receive about half of their funds from direct governmental sources, with the rest coming from private foundations and other quasi-governmental entities. These include the county governments that sponsor the plans, the “First 5” commissions that administer tobacco tax money, and a variety of public and private advocacy groups.

Their Governance structure

They have an informal, collaborative governance structure that involves a wide range of partners. These include the county health and social service agencies, private foundations, the local government-sponsored managed care plans that administer the Healthy HPSM.org Kids programs, and advocacy groups such as labor and an organization of faith congregations.

Their Health Benefits

The benefits offered through these programs are similar to those offered through other public insurance programs in California and the country. They are less expensive than private insurance and have a higher level of protection from the high cost of hospitalization, outpatient care, prescription drugs, and maternity care.

Their Use Rates Are Good

The Healthy Kids and Healthy Families programs in Santa Clara and San Mateo have consistently performed well compared with state and national averages for the same types of services. They also have better rates for preventive services than other public insurance programs.

Their Outreach and Enrollment Intensity

The enrollment of children in the Healthy Kids program in Santa Clara and San Mateo has been very strong, with the number of children enrolled continuing to increase year after year. Although the growth was slower than in other counties, it still has been more than five times the state rate of new enrollees.

Their Premium Financing

The families of Healthy Kids in Santa Clara and San Mateo pay a small portion of the premiums that are collected from the children. The amount paid by families in both counties varies based on their income, but is largely consistent with the other costs of providing health care to their children.

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